Jun 12, 2007

Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan,

20th May 2007

We have taken a group of friends to Gunung Angsi early this month and when the group asked which is the next gunung? Guest what? The answer is Gunung Datuk. Gunung Datuk (2900') is situated in Negeri Sembilan and it is only 110' higher than Gunung Angsi (2790'). Whenever anyone mentioned Gunung Datuk, they always said the peak has the best 360 degree unobstructed panorama view. Highly recommended for beginner and also an orientation and exposure for beginner before climbing higher mountains.

On Sunday we met up at Senawang Toll in Seremban. It was only a one day trip and our group consist of 10 members, 6 from Kajang and 4 from Klang. Always prepare a name list before hand. Passing Rembau town and drove another 26km and you will find the Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk signboard on the left. Turn left and drive all the way in until you see another sighboard on the left. You will not miss it if you follow the sign closely. When we reached there, while the other members unload their gear, KC went to submit the name list and paid RM3 per person for the climbing permit. KC even weigh everybodys backpack and the weight average 5KG per person. The chief cook ask all the member to carry 1.5L water (excluding self drinking) for cooking and tea 'tarik'. We started trekking at 10am and after 30 minutes of trekking we stopped for a rest and waited for the last member to catch up and he was 'pucak' (pale) when he arrived. He had 'maggie mee goreng tambah pedas' and milo ice for breakfast. Advisible not to take any spicy food stuff before any climb because it will cause indigestion for some people. The trail is a straight forward uphill and steep, the path is wide and visible all the way. Always walk in a group of 2 to 3 and along the way we left some small paper as trail marker especially when there is junction.

We reached the peak at around 11.40am and there were already one camper packing and leaving. So we have the campsite all to ourselves even though it was a weekend. While KC was preparing tea 'tarik' some of us went up to the peak to enjoy the 360 degree panorama view. Today lunch was 'mee fan kuid' (knead flour dough for making noodle). After our yummy! yummy! lunch we started packing and cleaning with tissue paper. Make sure you bring all your rubbish back even empty container. At the peak there is a fiber tank filled with rubbish.

We spent 2 hours at the peak and started decending at around 2pm. Along the way we took some nice photo of wild flower and big, big tree. The trek down was only 1 hour and instead of having our bath in the resort all of us went for a dip in the cold, cold mini waterfall. After the refreshing soak, we decided to have our early dinner at Seremban town at 5pm but to our suprise the restaurant was already packed with people. The restaurant was famous for its claypot 'sang yee' (fish) and the restaurant was also featured in ASTRO .
Have fun and be happy!

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