Jun 20, 2007

Rumah Rehat Adeline, Gopeng, Perak

On Sunday 1oth June 2007 we had help to organised a Shaklee Ipoh family day at Rumah Rehat Adeline also known as Adeline Rest House. Rumah rehat Adeline is situated 6KM away from the Gopeng main road. We have been there three years ago when Adeline has not started the rumah rehat resort. We were there to see the rafflesia flower and Raja Brooke butterfly colony. The 4WD ride was 1 1/2 hours and another 1/2 hour walk before we reached the spot where the largest flower species (rafflesia) bloomed. Now three years later her rumah rehat not only provides waterfall and jungle trekking trip, it also provides caving in Gua Kandu, White water rafting, wet abseiling and team building events. Not forgetting her best home cooked local food packages with accommodation. This eco-resort has been featured in many local newspaper for its food and authentic orang asli type of accommodation but you have to enjoy nature minus the luxury of your home like spring mattress, water heater, air condition room, TV & Radio. I would give two thumbs up for this fantastic environement with great food.

Our family day was a one day event package with one tea and one lunch. There were 14 children and 25 adults. We started our team event at 11am. Today we are all boys and girl, not husband and wife, it is a wonderful opportunity to play as children. We have the boys and girls to line up and split them into five teams with 6 members each team. Our team building consist of team members sharing a bit about themselves, brick walk relay, balloon blowing relay and fancy dress with given items. Guess what? One family with 6 members was divided equally in every team, we overheard one young participant said it is a good idea because no matter which team win, one of the family member will definitely be in the winning team. The team building ended at 1pm. We had fried noodles, curry puffs, local "kuih" (cakes) with 'tea tarik' for a light snack. We proceeded to the waterfall, this is just one of the many waterfalls in this area, and in another stream shaped like a natural slide where you can do body rafting. It look fun and dangerous but once you try the short one and gain your confidence, you can try the longer one which is exhilarating, they had fun in the water. We had our late lunch at 4pm and we were served rice with 9 different delicious dishes and also "luk-luk" (skewed food dip in soup and dip with spicy sauce). It was a very satisfying lunch. It started raining and the weather was cool. In this eco resort we practice washing our plates and cups after food. We have prize giving for the winner on team building and some personal sharing from the participants. One participant even shared that it has been a long time that her family had been together with such experiences. together. She has two grown up sons and both in the college. We left Rumah Rehat Adeline at 6pm. We will be organizing another trip there in the month of July 21st and 22nd and expecting to have lots of durian because it is a durian season already.
For your next trip, you can plan to this eco resort by calling KC at +6019-3339825

Jun 12, 2007

Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan,

20th May 2007

We have taken a group of friends to Gunung Angsi early this month and when the group asked which is the next gunung? Guest what? The answer is Gunung Datuk. Gunung Datuk (2900') is situated in Negeri Sembilan and it is only 110' higher than Gunung Angsi (2790'). Whenever anyone mentioned Gunung Datuk, they always said the peak has the best 360 degree unobstructed panorama view. Highly recommended for beginner and also an orientation and exposure for beginner before climbing higher mountains.

On Sunday we met up at Senawang Toll in Seremban. It was only a one day trip and our group consist of 10 members, 6 from Kajang and 4 from Klang. Always prepare a name list before hand. Passing Rembau town and drove another 26km and you will find the Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk signboard on the left. Turn left and drive all the way in until you see another sighboard on the left. You will not miss it if you follow the sign closely. When we reached there, while the other members unload their gear, KC went to submit the name list and paid RM3 per person for the climbing permit. KC even weigh everybodys backpack and the weight average 5KG per person. The chief cook ask all the member to carry 1.5L water (excluding self drinking) for cooking and tea 'tarik'. We started trekking at 10am and after 30 minutes of trekking we stopped for a rest and waited for the last member to catch up and he was 'pucak' (pale) when he arrived. He had 'maggie mee goreng tambah pedas' and milo ice for breakfast. Advisible not to take any spicy food stuff before any climb because it will cause indigestion for some people. The trail is a straight forward uphill and steep, the path is wide and visible all the way. Always walk in a group of 2 to 3 and along the way we left some small paper as trail marker especially when there is junction.

We reached the peak at around 11.40am and there were already one camper packing and leaving. So we have the campsite all to ourselves even though it was a weekend. While KC was preparing tea 'tarik' some of us went up to the peak to enjoy the 360 degree panorama view. Today lunch was 'mee fan kuid' (knead flour dough for making noodle). After our yummy! yummy! lunch we started packing and cleaning with tissue paper. Make sure you bring all your rubbish back even empty container. At the peak there is a fiber tank filled with rubbish.

We spent 2 hours at the peak and started decending at around 2pm. Along the way we took some nice photo of wild flower and big, big tree. The trek down was only 1 hour and instead of having our bath in the resort all of us went for a dip in the cold, cold mini waterfall. After the refreshing soak, we decided to have our early dinner at Seremban town at 5pm but to our suprise the restaurant was already packed with people. The restaurant was famous for its claypot 'sang yee' (fish) and the restaurant was also featured in ASTRO .
Have fun and be happy!

This posting by KC

Gunung Angsi, Kuala Pilah, N. Sembilan

On 29th April, a group of friends from Klang,Kajang and Michael from Malacca decided to hike up to Gunung Angsi (2,700 ft.) using a shorter route. Our gathering venue was to be after the Senawang Toll Plaza at about 9.30am. After meeting we head towards Kuala Pilah after passing through Senawang and up the hilly and winding road, just when you approach a big sign "Selamat Datang ke Kuala Pilah" there is parking area on the right. Usually on weekends and holidays many trekkers would walk up to the peak which usually take two hours along this shorter route and there is another route which starts from the Hulu Bendul Recreation Park where the journey would take about three to four hours to reach the peak. As usual being the organiser of the group each was given some food portion for carrying. Each of them have to carry their own drinking water with extra 2.5l of water for making hot drinks (tea tarik and milo). We started our journey at 10.15am. The entry point is just beside the main road and steep climb all the way for about 45 mins. The trail is well marked you won't miss it because almost every weekend many locals will climb up and down. We reach a plateau and there we met a regular climber who call himself "kor low" or tall fella. He has cleared a well kept rest area either to rest and camp for the night. Instead of going up a steep hill there is a old logger trail on the right, follow the logger trail to the end and go straight into trail where both side are covered with high shrubs. If you decided to have a challenging climb, take the steep hill climb and it will meet at the main trail after another 20 mins. Again another climb up for about half hour where you will meet a junction. Both way will also lead you to the peak. An average climber will take less than 2 hours. At the peak we met other groups who were surprise to find that there was a shorter trail.

As usual other group will just munch their snack and bread and relac for half an hour and decent. Normally we will make hot tea tarik and some snack, later hot soupy noodle and lastly hot tea again for the last round. After the eating session we will relax and enjoy the view. This peak is very popular especially during holidays and sometimes they will bring extra water to camp overnight. During the eve of National day or New Year you could catch the fireworks display from afar or just enjoy the night during a full moon night.

After almost 1 hour of rest and relax we will pack and have a group photo. The decent will take and average of 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Upon reaching the car park, there is a small mini reservoir where natural stream water flows in and it is half covered with a green shack, this is where you can wash down or even take a bath the water here. Once everyone had changed to a fresh set of cloths and the first thing on our mind "food", I suggested going for the famous "Hakka Yong Tau Foo" at Mambau town and everyone was gamed for it. The time was about 4.00pm and once we entered the highway through Senawang Toll we got caught in a jam due to road works and finally exited through the Port Dickson Toll about an hour later which normally would take about half an hour. This eatery was once featured in The Star newspaper and it looks like and ordinary shed once you put your teeth in a feeling of satisfaction comes in after burning your calories. Fearful of the traffic jam a further suggestion was that we continue towards Sungai Pelek (small town near to KLIA airport) and stop at this EP Hoon Seafood Restaurant and this time a full 8 course seafood delight. What ever calories we burn now we have triple putting it back on. We part ways, friends from Klang took the coastal road via Tanjung Sepat (fishing village), Banting. And as for Kajang via Sepang-Bangi road.

This posting by KC

Kuantan River Cruise, Pahang, Malaysia

Last Saturday 5th May 2007, the three of us was on a Shaklee business trip to Kuantan - the gateway to east coast of Malaysia. We left Kajang at 10am and stop at Wangsa Maju to have our breakfast with some friends. After breakfast around 11.30am we proceeded to the East Coast Highway through KL Karak highway. We arrived at Kuantan at 2.30pm and delivered one carton of products to our Kuantan friend in Jalan Teluk Sisik. We have our early tea in one of the many Kopitiam in Kuantan and our local friend suggested going for river cruise which many locals have never been. One boat which can carry maximum 20 person and minimum 5 person. There are only 4 of us. We waited for a while and nobody turn up so we ended up paying for 5 person fares (RM15 per adult) The cruise start at 4pm in the late afternoon. Cruising time is around 1 hour 15 minutes. The cruise will take us to the open sea of South China Sea. We enjoy the picturesque view of Kuantan town, beaches and along the Kuantan River the traditional fishing village settlement and one of the few largest reserve mangrove swamp in Malaysia. A bridge was built across to Tg. Lumpur. We have the boat to ourselves and the local guide and our local friend take turn to entertained us with songs. We stop for a 15 minutes mangrove boardwalk. After the boardwalk we proceed back to the jetty.

Time to look for accommodation. Stop at a few hotel to check for best offer. A double bed room normally will cost from RM90 to RM135. We managed to get the best offer for a double bed plus extra mattress for only RM93 and furthermore it is a new hotel. (Hotel Grand City) Our dinner appointment is at 8pm so we have plenty of rest and shower. Tonight dinner is at a halal seafood restaurant. We ate asam fish, tow foo, a vegetable dish and scallop dish located just in front of Citiview Hotel ask any local and you will find the place. After dinner we were invited to our friends karaoke club at a double storey shop lot for relaxation and entertainment.

Morning breakfast at a shop famous for Seremban curry noodle and we also get to enjoy the famous Sg. Lembing bean Curd. We attended a business session in a hotel in the afternoon and in the evening we went for the famous "Char Kuay Teow" at Jalan Beserah and later to Teluk Cempedak beach to enjoy the evening sea breeze. Again meeting time at the same hotel from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. After the meeting we say BYE BYE and left Kuatan and reach Kajang at 2.30am in the morning. Have fun and enjoy!

This posting by KC

Jun 3, 2007

Gunung Yong Belar, Trans Titiwangsa Perak, G7 Mountain Malaysia

Trans Titiwangsa Trek from Gunung Yong Belar, Gunung Gayong and Gunung Korbu
17th Sept to 21st Sept 2006 (5 days 4 nights)

G7 - Seven of the highest mountains above 7,000 feet.

We have already scaled the six highest mountain and this is the last G7. Gunung Yong Belar (7156') is situated in the three states of Perak/Pahang/Kelantan. This trip our plan was to scale the three mountain at one go and the route is considered to be very tough. Some of the members (included Michael) have not climb Gunung Korbu and Gunung Gayung in our earlier trip. This trip there are two groups, one group will only climb Yong Belar and the rest will proceed to climb the three. The logistics for this trip were complicated because the in trail and exit were different. Our entry point is through Kampong Rajah (Cameron Highland) and the exit is through Kinta Valley Intake Dam. We stayed overnight in Ipoh and we paid RM40 for a big room for 4 persons. The place belong to Perak Used Car Association and for member only.
Day 1. After the famous 'kuay teow' soup breakfast, we proceeded to Ah Meng's house and parked our cars there. Ah Meng has hired a bus to take us to an area just after the Kg. Rajah traffic light. The bus travelled by Simpang Pulai/Gua Musang highway and stopped at a Paving Plant located about 2KM after the traffic light junction from Kg. Rajah (Cameron Highland). At the Paving Plant, two 4WD were hired from the farmers to bring us to their farms which was about 45 minutes ride and the farm is definitely inaccessible by normal vehicles. The ride was bumpy and you have to hold on tight or otherwise get thrown off the 4WD. The other group
went in with their own 4WD as they were returning after G. Yong Belar. After assembling at a vegetable farm and performing a check to ensure our gears were in order. Ah Meng also hired 3 'orang asli' as porter. At 12 noon we start trekking, passing through the big vegetable farm, the first visible trail was through a mushy and soggy terrain and after 15 minutes our shoes were covered with reddish mud (yucky). Our campsite is about 1 hour from G. Yong Belar Peak. The trail was quite well mark except for some unclear junctions, there are lots of bending and crawling due to the thick mossy forest, trees and roots and since it was also raining intermittently, this 1st day climb really sap your energy. We finally arrive at our campsite at about 6.00 pm, everyone tried to get the best site to set up their tent because the ground was soft and soggy from the rain and wet conditions. The height here is around 6000 feet and the weather gets dark and it felt chilly. We had to set up the tent in the rain, team cooperation is vital here. The water source is downhill about 10 minutes and looking very brownish, if you really like cold water (really cold), take a full bath here. Everyone was tired, we took a quick wipe down to clean up (not full bath), KC prepared hot drinks and noodles to satisfy our hunger. Mind you this is only a snack meal but because of the exhausting climb we soon fell asleep and forgot our dinner. All night long it was raining, its wet in and out of the tent, cold but we needed rest.

Day 2 Morning call at 7am luckily it stop raining and it was windy. After our morning breakfast everyone went for toilet "business" (bowel movement), we started packing and left by 9am. Only 1 hour to reach the peak. The returning group went first thing in the morning and we met them on the way up. For some of us celebrated our completion of G7 by letting of firecrackers. Usual group photos and some hoo ha and we proceeded to the next camp H2O that is 5 hours away. It was again difficult, lots of crawling, bending and squatting through mossy forest and fallen branches and finally we reached H2O campsite. It is small campsite near the stream. One member even did some clearing and laid some banana leaves on the floor before setting up his tent.

Day 3. H2O to Gayung peak is a 7 hours climb and very very steep. We passed a peak call Junction Peak, to the last water point. The water source is down a steep hill and back takes about 1 hour. Only the young and strong went down. One more hour to the peak G. Gayung. Hurray! Another G and one more tomorrow. Gayung peak is small and almost all available place is taken up, here you have a panaromic view. We reach the peak around 4pm and lots and lots of photos taken because the secenery here is the best. You can see G. Korbu, G. Yong Belar and G. Yong Yap. and nice sunset.

Day 4. Morning call for sunrise photo. After breakfast and packing we have our group photo again. Started trekking at 9am and reach Korbu peak at 11am. Rest and relax and have our lunch. Photo session again. Trek down 2 hours to the last water point if you come up from Camp Seroja. All the way very steep lots of dangerous slopes but well mark and with points for your hands and foot. We reach Camp Seroja at 5pm. Set up tent and had a very very nice bath because we did not have a bath since H2O campsite. We tried to finish most of our food, normally we have 3 dishes but today we have up to 5 dishes to celebrate our achivement. Later at night we have tea 'tarik' and talk about all the previous trips.

Day 5 After breakfast we trek out to Sg. Leming orang asli settlement but the orang asli settlement was evacuated for dam building. The last trip we paid RM20 each for the orang asli to transport using their motorbike to the Kinta Damp intake . This time no more orang asli but we are even more lucky to get to ride on a lorry 'hantu' and each of us paid the driver RM5 otherwise we have to walk under open hot sun for 2 hours. The lorry ride is about 30 to 45 minutes. Back to civilization and the first thing take out money and treat ourself with cold 100Plus drink. Later some of us went to the river and washed up and waited for arrangement to ferry us out to Ah Meng house where we parked our cars.
Reflection on completion of all the G7 mountains, a sense of satisfaction and good experience. Next trip to climb the G7 a second time.
Have fun and success for all.