Jun 12, 2007

Gunung Angsi, Kuala Pilah, N. Sembilan

On 29th April, a group of friends from Klang,Kajang and Michael from Malacca decided to hike up to Gunung Angsi (2,700 ft.) using a shorter route. Our gathering venue was to be after the Senawang Toll Plaza at about 9.30am. After meeting we head towards Kuala Pilah after passing through Senawang and up the hilly and winding road, just when you approach a big sign "Selamat Datang ke Kuala Pilah" there is parking area on the right. Usually on weekends and holidays many trekkers would walk up to the peak which usually take two hours along this shorter route and there is another route which starts from the Hulu Bendul Recreation Park where the journey would take about three to four hours to reach the peak. As usual being the organiser of the group each was given some food portion for carrying. Each of them have to carry their own drinking water with extra 2.5l of water for making hot drinks (tea tarik and milo). We started our journey at 10.15am. The entry point is just beside the main road and steep climb all the way for about 45 mins. The trail is well marked you won't miss it because almost every weekend many locals will climb up and down. We reach a plateau and there we met a regular climber who call himself "kor low" or tall fella. He has cleared a well kept rest area either to rest and camp for the night. Instead of going up a steep hill there is a old logger trail on the right, follow the logger trail to the end and go straight into trail where both side are covered with high shrubs. If you decided to have a challenging climb, take the steep hill climb and it will meet at the main trail after another 20 mins. Again another climb up for about half hour where you will meet a junction. Both way will also lead you to the peak. An average climber will take less than 2 hours. At the peak we met other groups who were surprise to find that there was a shorter trail.

As usual other group will just munch their snack and bread and relac for half an hour and decent. Normally we will make hot tea tarik and some snack, later hot soupy noodle and lastly hot tea again for the last round. After the eating session we will relax and enjoy the view. This peak is very popular especially during holidays and sometimes they will bring extra water to camp overnight. During the eve of National day or New Year you could catch the fireworks display from afar or just enjoy the night during a full moon night.

After almost 1 hour of rest and relax we will pack and have a group photo. The decent will take and average of 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Upon reaching the car park, there is a small mini reservoir where natural stream water flows in and it is half covered with a green shack, this is where you can wash down or even take a bath the water here. Once everyone had changed to a fresh set of cloths and the first thing on our mind "food", I suggested going for the famous "Hakka Yong Tau Foo" at Mambau town and everyone was gamed for it. The time was about 4.00pm and once we entered the highway through Senawang Toll we got caught in a jam due to road works and finally exited through the Port Dickson Toll about an hour later which normally would take about half an hour. This eatery was once featured in The Star newspaper and it looks like and ordinary shed once you put your teeth in a feeling of satisfaction comes in after burning your calories. Fearful of the traffic jam a further suggestion was that we continue towards Sungai Pelek (small town near to KLIA airport) and stop at this EP Hoon Seafood Restaurant and this time a full 8 course seafood delight. What ever calories we burn now we have triple putting it back on. We part ways, friends from Klang took the coastal road via Tanjung Sepat (fishing village), Banting. And as for Kajang via Sepang-Bangi road.

This posting by KC


Philip said...

I hiked up G.Angsi from Ulu Bendol for about 5 to 6 times already. Quite fun.

Flipper said...

Have you tried G. Datuk near Rembau, our group is planning one soon during one of the holidays.

Anonymous said...

u sure tat its legal for people camping at the peak??
cos we are going to climb this mountain soon and we plan to camp at the peak, but seems that its not allowed

Flipper said...

Camping at the peak should not be any problem unless they (forestry dept.) change the rules. Usually pp climb and camp at the peak on the eve of Merdeka day 31 Aug to watch the fireworks from afar

Anonymous said...

may i know how to contact jabatan perhilitan for gunung angsi.
and please email it to me at faizal_rzl@yahoo.com or text me 010-7805221. thank you