Jun 20, 2007

Rumah Rehat Adeline, Gopeng, Perak

On Sunday 1oth June 2007 we had help to organised a Shaklee Ipoh family day at Rumah Rehat Adeline also known as Adeline Rest House. Rumah rehat Adeline is situated 6KM away from the Gopeng main road. We have been there three years ago when Adeline has not started the rumah rehat resort. We were there to see the rafflesia flower and Raja Brooke butterfly colony. The 4WD ride was 1 1/2 hours and another 1/2 hour walk before we reached the spot where the largest flower species (rafflesia) bloomed. Now three years later her rumah rehat not only provides waterfall and jungle trekking trip, it also provides caving in Gua Kandu, White water rafting, wet abseiling and team building events. Not forgetting her best home cooked local food packages with accommodation. This eco-resort has been featured in many local newspaper for its food and authentic orang asli type of accommodation but you have to enjoy nature minus the luxury of your home like spring mattress, water heater, air condition room, TV & Radio. I would give two thumbs up for this fantastic environement with great food.

Our family day was a one day event package with one tea and one lunch. There were 14 children and 25 adults. We started our team event at 11am. Today we are all boys and girl, not husband and wife, it is a wonderful opportunity to play as children. We have the boys and girls to line up and split them into five teams with 6 members each team. Our team building consist of team members sharing a bit about themselves, brick walk relay, balloon blowing relay and fancy dress with given items. Guess what? One family with 6 members was divided equally in every team, we overheard one young participant said it is a good idea because no matter which team win, one of the family member will definitely be in the winning team. The team building ended at 1pm. We had fried noodles, curry puffs, local "kuih" (cakes) with 'tea tarik' for a light snack. We proceeded to the waterfall, this is just one of the many waterfalls in this area, and in another stream shaped like a natural slide where you can do body rafting. It look fun and dangerous but once you try the short one and gain your confidence, you can try the longer one which is exhilarating, they had fun in the water. We had our late lunch at 4pm and we were served rice with 9 different delicious dishes and also "luk-luk" (skewed food dip in soup and dip with spicy sauce). It was a very satisfying lunch. It started raining and the weather was cool. In this eco resort we practice washing our plates and cups after food. We have prize giving for the winner on team building and some personal sharing from the participants. One participant even shared that it has been a long time that her family had been together with such experiences. together. She has two grown up sons and both in the college. We left Rumah Rehat Adeline at 6pm. We will be organizing another trip there in the month of July 21st and 22nd and expecting to have lots of durian because it is a durian season already.
For your next trip, you can plan to this eco resort by calling KC at +6019-3339825

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