Nov 2, 2009

Gunung Hantu Besar and Gunung Hantu Kecil, Titi, Negeri Sembilan

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Gunung Hantu Besar (1,450 m / 4785 ft) and Kecil is located north of Titi, which is situated in the Kuala Kelawang, Jelebu district, Negeri Sembilan. Titi or also known as 'titi kong' in chinese was the place where a nearby village of about 1,500 villages were massacred during World War II by the occupying Japanese forces. Today it is famous for its fruits and vegetables. Titi pineapples are much sought after and its durian are also delicious. You can drive to Titi either through the Cheras/Ampang junction, 9th Mile Cheras/Pekan, Semenyih/Jalan Kacau and Broga/Lenggeng road for those coming from Kuala Lumpur or Kajang area. It takes an average time of about 1.5 hours to reach Titi.

A hike up to Gunung Hantu Besar and Kecil could be achieved in a day. Our group after initial consideration that to travel more than 70km and then through 1 hour of 4wd road to reach the Lata Kijang waterfalls it was bette
r to camp somewhere near the peak with the last water point.

Our meeting point usually starts with a meal at the Hakka Restaurant
at Titi for lunch. Upon reaching there only to find out that the Hakka Restaurant only opens after 3.00pm. We had to adjourned to the opposite Restaurant which also serves Hakka style cooking. As more friends started arriving and having their meals the others just chatted away until it was time to depart. Just a short distant away you could find famous Hakka desserts like 'chu yap pan' which roughly translate as 'rough leaf pancake' which is dark greenish in color and excellent as a snack during our hike.

From Titi drive towards Kampung Kongkoi and then towards to Kampung Chennah and on the left the start of the 4WD trail which on dry days is passable with normal sedan cars but not on rainy days. If you miss this left turn (4WD trail) there is another left 4WD trail. The 4WD trail to Lata Kijang waterfalls is about 15km but takes about an hour of driving passing through Kampung Esok, Kampung Tohor and finally Kampung London. And finally the Lata Kijang waterfalls which has very narrow parking and take care to allow other cars to turn out. Our 4wd vehicle Suzuki SJ410 (2 door) driven by Wong HM with full backpacks and 2 passengers wasn't luxury but bumpy without air-con and KC at the back was really cramped up. One of those Toyota Hilux would really make our day.

We started unloading our backpacks and into 'ready to trek' mode. We started trekking crossing the waterfall with a full view of Lata Kijang waterfalls. The time is 3.15pm and walking 352 steps (more
than Batu Caves) straight up with steep gradient (take your time). It takes about half and hour including some photo takes to reach the end of the stairs, it may sound easy but try it and you will know. Then another 1/2 hour following the logging trail and upon reaching a small 'orang asli' community and turn right following a distinct trail. There will be another small river crossing and from here onwards the trek is gradual.

From the Lata Kijang waterfall
s to the Camp Orchid will take about 3 hours. Camp Orchid is about 1000m above sea level and is fairly flat and can accommodate about 40 tents depending how you place them. We quickly set up our tents and sensing it might rain soon we went to the water point which is about 5 mins away down slope. Collect the water before it rains otherwise it will be brownish in color. At this height the water is cold and as we started to take a bath, it started raining heavily and it gets very cold (you might consider taking a sponge bath). Take care on your walk from the water point up the slippery trail to Camp Orchid. Tonight dinner is a simple 'nasi goreng kampung' or fried rice which was precook and frozen. So it takes a short while to heat it up and 'voila' ready to eat and the rain stopped in time to enjoy a comfortable meal. The other members were still cooking and meanwhile KC started preparing dessert for supper which is a mixture of 'longan, tung kua, pak kor and others' a sweet desert or in Chinese called 'tong sui'. After having our dessert we retire early for the night and it started raining heavily again. We were nicely tuck in our warm tents while the rain made a nice sleepy tune.

7.00am wake up time. Other campers were already complaining about water
seeping through their tent (Always make sure you have a real all weather tent). Breakfast with mushroom soup, bread and left over fried rice. 8.15am started trekking to Gunung Hantu Besar and there is only one trail to the summit and we took about 1hour. The morning air was fresh and cool and it helps a lot to ascent 1500 ft in 1 hour. The peak is small fairly flat terrain and there was already a group of campers who arrive last night and was getting ready to descend. It was very windy and clouds covered the view every now and then. From Gunung Hantu Besar peak you could see Gunung Hantu Kecil, Genting Highlands and KL Tower. We spent some time taking more photos and with KC preparing tea and butter cake (made by her) for lunch.

Next stop to Gunung Hantu Kecil. From Hantu Besar when you view Hantu Kecil especially the earlier campers who just reach the peak of Hantu Kecil you could faintly see them among the bonsai trees. We trek back the trail (our IN trail) from Hantu Besar and there is a junction turning right which leads to Hantu Kecil. It will take about an hour and upon nearing the peak of Hantu Kecil it will become steep and in some places you have to use both your hands as well (reminiscence of Gunung Korbu) Hantu Kecil peak is covered with thick vegetation and with only a clear view of Hantu Besar.

Trek back to camp orchid to pack up. It's noon and getting hot. Reach the orang asli community around 2.30pm. KC had ordered a basket weave from bamboo and they wanted RM$10.00. We emptied our extra food to them and continue to the Lata Kijang waterfalls arriving at 3.30pm. Relax and took a good bath while admiring the waterfalls and the surrounding area. Dinner at Titi's Hakka

Restaurant ordering the popular hakka dishes and back home riding the bumpy 4wd Suzuki.

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