May 17, 2009

Bukit Kledang, Menglembu, Ipoh

Bukit Kledang
800m (2640 ft)

Trekking to Bukit Kledang or popularly known as RTM trail in Menglembu. Menglembu is a small township in Ipoh but lately there have been development especially residential and shophouses. Menglembu or in chinese Wan Li Moong which stands for "view of ten thousand miles". From the many trails leading towards the peak you can view far and wide.

Kledang hill is very popular with the locals from around Ipoh where hundreds each day come here to trek up the many trails and descend usually through the tar road. You can actually drive a car (4wd preferable) all the way up to the broadcasting tower or popularly known as RTM station at the peak.

It is so popular that sometimes during Sundays or public holidays from dusk till dawn people will be trekking the many trails. There are four distinct trail known as 4-2 (1 hour), 4-3(1.5 hours), 4-9(2 hours) and RTM Trail(4 hours).

Our friend and guide TJ invited us to trek RTM trail. There are plenty of spaces to park your cars (park orderly) and we started around 1.15pm. It was a hot usual afternoon and we walk near trees to shield the sun whenever we can. For about 10 mins there were no shades so we hurriedly along the trail until we reach the entry point going into the jungle. A steep 10 mins walk we arrive at a junction where the left is 4-2 trail which is an exposed trail and very hot. And the right is where the 4-3, 4-9 and RTM trails are. It is shady, good clean trail until we hear water gushing (small waterfall). Here there is another junction where turning right is the RTM trail and left 4-9. There are plenty of markings so it's difficult to go off trail unless you have a wondering mind. From this point the height is around 1000 ft and after that is steep all the way to the peak at 2640 ft.

Along the way we snap photos of geckos (lizards), millipede, Gibbons of the Siamang species and miss the (photo) 1 metre green snake . I hope I am correct as these siamang or tree monkeys (they spend most of their time on trees) are black and hairy without tail. Finally around 3.00pm we reach the RTM station to have some chocolate and rested awhile.

Followed the road towards the car park. Along the way you can noticed milestones on the road shoulder with names like "Spooner's Rest, Isherwood's Avenue and Foong's Fury". I can only speculate that it was left by the engineers build before Merdeka (Independence). After walking for about 20 mins it started raining and that's when the umbrella became handy. Its pouring and it takes about 1 hour plus of walking.
Finally to carpark and its still raining which makes us hungry. And Ipoh is famous for food.

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Shiek Eng Meng said...


I am amazed looking at your trekking adventures in so many places.

Wish I have the time and stamina to do that.

Salute to you.


Flipper said...

Hi Shiek,
Probably our next stop will be G. Irau which is a day trip in and out about 5-6 hours.

Trekking Toubkal said...

a lifetime Trek. it's really a wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

macam mana nak dapatkan map topografi bukit kledang seperti gmbar yang di atas ye?