May 25, 2008

Pulau Ketam and Sungai Lima

Uncle Ong from Broga Happy Fruit Land Farm invited us to attend his niece wedding dinner at Sungai Lima Village in Pulau Ketam or literally translated as "Crab Island". This was also Uncle Ong's hometown.

Pulau Ketam is an island located off Port Klang and is reachable using its ferry services which operates 8.45 am - 6.45 pm (Mon-Fri) and 8.45 am - 7.10 pm (Sat-Sun & public holidays) and it is better to reconfirm the return time unless you want to stay for the night at either Sea Lion Hotel, Pulau Ketam Inn or Huan Kyu Hotel. The KTM commuter services operates from KL Sentral and ends at Port Klang and just about a stone throw to the Pulau Ketam Jetty.

Brief History

Pulau Ketam (crab island) not only it is famous for crabs but also for its mangrove swamps (click on this link to know the importance of mangrove swamps and the ecosystems). A long time ago three Hainanese fisherman from Port Klang made a living catching crabs in Pulau Ketam because the journey took almost a day and later they built a small house for overnight stay before going back to Port Klang with their catch. In 1872, they built a temple named "Chuan Eng Bio" located near Jalan Timur. In 1967 and 1972 a big fire destroyed all the houses and shoplots in Jalan Besar and Sungai Dalam. Thus the Bomba Sukarela Pulau Ketam "Pulau Ketam Fire Bridgade Volunteers" was formed. To read more about the history click on this link Pulau Ketam history...........

We park our cars at the KTM parking lots next to the Port Klang Commuter terminal and a days parking cost about $6.50 Even there are parkings just next to Pulau Ketam Jetty we felt it was safer to park at KTM parking lots.

Uncle Ong and his family arrived at around 10.30 am and we boarded the air con fast service ferry which cost about $7 per person and takes about half an hour to reach Pulau Ketam Village. If you board the normal ferry it will take about 45 mins. Upon reaching Pulau Ketam Village rain was approaching. As we disembarked to the Jetty and walk towards the village area, the atmosphere felt as if we have journeyed to the past. Wooden stilt houses and bicycles greeted us. It felt a world of difference without motorbikes and cars. As we stroll through the houses and shops which were all on stilts connected by wooden and concrete walk ways. It was low tide and you could see remnants of mangrove swamps which was taken over by development. Mud skippers and crabs move about in the mud together with dogs and cats.

Having a wedding in Sungai Lima Village at Pulau Ketam I was told in the early days everyone would contribute to the preparations from food to entertainment, no frills but plenty of thrills. Today restaurant prepares the food and even there is singer cum emcee for the wedding dinner. We were at the brides house and while we were having our lunch ala Pulau Ketam style delicious and simple. The bride was preparing for this evening's dinner at 5.30pm sharp. There was no special car to ferry the bride. The bride and escorts walk about 15 mins to the hall. Cool ! huh. The quest flow in steadily into the hall and meanwhile there was karaoke singing marathon mostly in Hockkien and Mandarin languages. Dinner was served sharp around 5.30 pm. Something I was hoping happening back in mainland Malaysia. Pulau Ketam folks sure love to sing. Dinner ended around 8.00 and one last ferry (chartered by the newly weds) to board back to Port Klang unless you plan to stay overnight here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these photos. My parents are from Pulau Ketam. They moved to Singapore before I was born. I showed my mom the photos and she is so touched.