Mar 18, 2008

Klang Gate Dam, Hills

While traveling along the Middle Ring Road as you pass Zoo Negara on the right you will start to notice rocky hills shape like the back of a sleeping dragon to the right looking similar from different angles. To view from Google Earth by typing "Klang Gate Dam, Kuala Lumpur". We were invited by 'lau Lee' or 'old Lee' to join him to trek up the hills (can someone shed some light on the name) on the right of Klang Gate Dam intake which was less popular compare to the left which is also known as Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill).

Waking up at 5.15 in the morning proves to be challenging task on a Sunday morning especially after a late Saturday night. Nevertheless when you have enthusiasm you will soon forget the struggle.

Traveling from Ampang towards the Melawati area, turn at the underpass to the right (Giant hypermarket is on the left) and proceed until you reach the Bulatan Hillside roundabout take the 12 o'clock route, pass a mosque, turn right at Jalan H-16, further down turn left towards the end of the road. You will notice large water pipes (I mean really large ones) on the right and park your cars there towards the end. Take care not to obstruct traffic.

The trek follows the 2 large water pipes for about 20m and a steep climb after that. Just follow the clearly mark trail and to reach the peak of this hill takes about 1 hour of casually climb and advisable to follow somebody who is familiar with this trek. Remember to bring half gloves for holding rocky surfaces. Take care to concentrate and place
your footing carefully. Climbers have been known to fall due to carelessness (unreported fatal injuries). There are many spots here to catch a breath taking view of Kuala Lumpur city skyline (KL Tower and Twin Towers) towards South and the view of Klang Gate Dam stretching from North West to North East and of course sunrise view. Reasonable fitness is required and not recommended if you have cardiovascular health problems, breathing problems and 'scare of heights' problem.

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DoubleHlee said...

Hello... 'GeGe n JieJie' of hiking... I am also a hiking fans. Started since my schoolhood times. Bumped into ur blog when I am searching for info for Gunung Datuk...hehe... get lotsa info frm u... thanks vry much... I will keep tuning in to ur blog for more...
Have u n ur friends ever tried Gunung Nuang? Its the highest peak of Selangor and we can actually view it from Bukit Tabur. It would be a challenging 1 day hike...but the view is not so interesting.

Flipper said...

Hi doublehlee,

Thanks for visiting. Yes we have tried G Nuang, It is challenging 1 day hike. I remember the time we went it was raining and I forgot to bring my camera and the funny thing was a white pregnant dog followed us all the way to the peak and back. I think it must have be a 'orang asli' dog.