Sep 4, 2007

Sungai Pelek, Merdeka 50th Year Celebration

During the eve of Merdeka 50th Celebration, instead of heading to PutraJaya or Dataran Merdeka in KL, we decided to head down to Sungai Pelek. Sungai Pelek is situated 15 minutes just after the Sepang Town (about 25 minutes from Sepang F1 circuit) and before Bagan Lallang beach. Local legend has it that Sungai Pelek got its name from the temporary river formed by the overflow of the Sungai Sepang and Sungai Sepang Kecil during high tide. In the local Malay dialect, "sungai" meant "river, and "pelek" meant "strange" or "unusual". This"strange/unusual" river lasted only for as long as the high tide, as most of the water would have drained out to sea by low tide.

Sungai Pelek has a closely knitted community and enjoys good relationship amongst its inhabitants. Besides its thriving brick-making and clay products industry, Sungai Pelek has numerous small plantations of rubber trees, coffee and palm oil. And recently many dragon fruit plantations have appeared and can be seen all around Sungai Pelek.

And because it is near to Tanjung Sepat (fishing village) most of the residents here enjoys fresh fish all year long. We always obtained our supplies even though Kajang is about 90km away.
There are many favorite foods here especially the local "mee" which is free from preservative and is one of my many favorite foods available here.

On the 30th August 2007, the Sepang Hash House Harriers organized a Merdeka run where local hashers and invited guest hashers carried the Malaysian flag and ran a short route around town celebrating the 50th Year of Independence (Merdeka). It is carried out in a carnival like atmosphere. After the short run or parade, all runners together with guests gathered at the

Sungai Pelek Restaurant for a 7 course chinese dinner. As the dinner progress, my friend Lim Chee Keong and his wife Lillian told us that there is an open air concert just outside which will be followed by a countdown to Merdeka. At around 10.30 pm we left the restaurant early and make our way to the open air concert where the local folks gathered to watch the many events including hampers giveaway to those who were born on the 31st August. Later we were entertained with a variety of new and old chinese numbers performed by 3 artiste.

I have attended celebrations in the KL city and this is the first time in a small town, Sungai Pelek. The atmosphere here is not short on enthusiasm and people here were really enjoying themselves. I look forward to attending other celebrations hopefully being organized in other towns as I have enjoyed tonight.

Watch the video of the countdown followed by a simple fireworks display with patriotic songs.

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