Feb 3, 2007

Gunung Korbu & Gunung Gayong, Perak, G7 Mountains of Malaysia

30th June - 2nd July 2005

G7 - Mountains above 7,000 feet in W.Malaysia

We completed our Gunung Tahan climb on 1st March 2005 till 8th March 2005. After that we thought that is the end of our climbing adventure because we have scaled the highest mountain in W. Malaysia especially our climb was from Kuala Tahan to the peak and back, this is the most challenging route to take. When a member of Kajang HHH (Hash House Harriers) was discussing a trip to the 2nd highest mountain Gunung Korbu and Gunung Gayong the 4th highest. We requested to join them on condition that we would plan our food itinerary and share the guide fees as their group was more than 15 members. Our Gunung Tahan group was only 5 at that time and now our team become only 3 because one member (Michael Lim) couldn't make it for this trip. The lesson we learned from our first trip is that team work is very important. Things like sharing the weight, sharing tent and cleaning up and eat whatever food cooked or planned. All the subsequent trip was only 4 members (YK, KC, HM Wong and Michael) and our plan is to complete all the G7. Be happy and have fun! We believe in every climbing trip that logistics must be well planned. Average optimum weight to carry per person averages 15-20kg for males and 12-15 kg for females and depending on the number of days. Well, porters will certainly lighten your load.

Always book your guide and porters before your climb unlike Gunung Tahan there are registration office with guides and porter services available. With the help of Ipoh HHH we got to know a guide name Ah Meng who was unable to guide us because of prior arrangement, but he is kind enough to arranged two orang asli (aborigines) as guide and porter.

Day 1. Ah Meng lead us into the Ulu Kinta Dam intake. Parked our cars and get ready to trek and we are so lucky that an engineer (Mr. Warwick) with the dam project and also Ipoh HHH member offered to transport (4WD) us to the Camp Sg. Teming an orang asli settlement. Without 4WD transport it will take us 2 hours to trek there. Mr. Warwick has to make a few trips to transport all of us in. Started trekking at 11.00am and reach camp Seroja at 3.00pm and Camp Kijang is another 2 hours away. Camp Seroja is a bigger campsite and next to the river. There is a beautiful small waterfall enough to be your personal jacuzzi. We pitch our tent at Camp Seroja instead of Camp Kijang. Today is relaxing and comfortable.

Day 2. After breakfast we started trekking at 9am and by lunch time we reached the last water point, well marked. Stopped here for lunch and carried water rationing of about 3L per person, this is compulsory for camping at the peak (no water at the peak). Reached G. Botak (5960') at 2pm and have some photos taken. After this it is steep climb all the way before finally reaching the peak at 5pm. Set up tent and change to our dry cloths. Because it is still early and we managed to take some sunset photos. We can see Ipoh from the peak. It is very windy and cold at the peak. The two orang asli had left their tent at Camp Seroja but instead brought a fly sheet. We thought nothing of it until sleeping time at around 10pm, when smoke started entering our tents that we found out the orang asli were setting a bonfire because they were freezing cold. One of the members gave up his tent to them (lucky for them) and shared with another.

Day 3. Wake up early (by 6.00am) to take photos. After breakfast we were ready to trek to Gunung Gayong at 8.30am. The trail started with stunted trees and open view and later into a mossy forest as though you are in Gunung Irau (famously known for mossy forest in Cameron Highland). We reach Gunung Gayong at 10.15am. Have some rest and group photo. We started to trek back to Korbu peak and have our lunch and packed up and decent at 12 noon. We reach Camp Seroja at 5pm, feeling tired, we quickly set up tent and have our instant noodle and hot tea 'O' to warm up our stomach before taking our bath. We had a nice bath as previous night we went without. Rested till around 7.00am and then prepare a mixed vegetable and salted fish for dinner. In the jungle and tired, this meal taste 'best in the world' and the grand finale with hot tea before relaxing and talking about the last two days journey.

Day 4. After breakfast and packing, we started trekking at 8.15am and reached Camp orang asli Sg. Teming around 11.15am. While waiting for the rest of the team we negotiated with the orang asli to fetch us by motorcycle out to the Ulu Kinta Intake. The charge was RM20 per head otherwise we have to walk for 2 hours under the sun. What do your think?. There are a few small shops in the Hutan Rekrasi Kinta where we had cold canned drink and later went down to the river to bath and change to a set of clean clothings kept in the car. We went to a restaurant in Ipoh for our lunch and also to celebrate our successful climb. Ah Meng joined us and during lunch we discuss and plan the next trip with him. The seventh highest mountain that is Gunung Ulu Sepat (7091') Perak in September.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to go on a climb to Korbu for the coming cny..WOuld you be able to pass me the contact no of the guide that u had on ur previous trip? Would be really helpful! Thanks -ANu

Flipper said...

Guide's name is Chin Man HP 017-5738378 and happy climbing

Anonymous said...

hi..how was the cost for the korbu and gayong?

Bintang D'Syorga said...

well done guys ! fuhh just couple of weeks left for our Korbu hiking. can't wait :)